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CDs and Live Programs For Children & Adults

Out of the Dark—
Appalachian Coal Mining Stories

True stories based on interviews with over 20
men and women contemporary underground
coal miners and their families. Poignant, funny,
and compelling, these stories take audiences on
a journey into the mines, finding 300 million
year old fossils underground, and developing a
relationship with each other and with the mines
themselves. Themes of love, disability, loss, and
generational ties. 

        CD:        How Could a Timber Hold Up a Mountain?

                        Contemporary Appalachian Coal Mining Stories

                    $20.00* order information below

                           *A portion of the sales from this CD goes to support

                           disabled miners and their families.

Appalachian Strength—
Stories About Invincible Women

These stories about everyday women heroes serve
up subtle feminism with an Appalachian flavor.
A mother and daughter survive and thrive in the
face of domestic abuse. A revolutionary war
descendent finds the strength, will, and faith to
live up to her ancestor. An “Old Maid” teaches a
young child about the different faces of
womanhood through her loving yet ornery example.

        CD:     Appalachian Strength | Three Stories About Invincible Women

                      $15.00  order information below

The Tree of Life - Scottish, Norse, and Biblical Creations

Giants, dragons, apples, and a mad medieval mason... 

In a 15th century chapel in southern Scotland, there

stands an intricately carved and legendary pillar

depicting different world myths about the Tree of

Life.   Rosslyn Chapel’s Prentice Pillar, created in

the 15th century purportedly by the master mason’s

apprentice, tells the Christian creation story and the

Norse story of Yggdrasil, a tree whose roots unite the

nine worlds of Norse mythology.  How did all these

stories about creation come to live in this chapel,

called a Library in Stone?

       CD:     The Tree of Life | Scottish, Biblical, and Norse Creations

                      $15.00  order information below

I Think I Saw a Hairy Coo!

Scottish Folk and Fairy Tales for All Ages

Silly & spooky Scottish tales for children and adults,

this collection features stories full of humor, history,

and haunting ghosts. Hannah connects many of these

stories with the Scottish heritage of the Appalachian

region. Hannah tells these stories and more in her

children’s programs on Scottish folklore. 

      CD:     I Think I Saw a Hairy Coo! | Scottish Folk & Fairy Tales

                      $15.00  order information below

The Cove—Stories from Southwest Virginia

Hannah’s grandfather shared a lifetime of humorous, meaningful tales about the characters and relatives in his rural hometown, The Cove, VA. Finding joy in the Depression Era; taking lessons from farm life; growing up to see the world through the lens of plain country honesty, diligence, and integrity—these stories take audiences to a time that is both distant and highly applicable today.

DVD Course

The Art of Storytelling: From Parents to Professionals

This 24-lecture course produced by The Great Courses ( and taught by Dr. Harvey, introduces you to the methods and techniques of the art of storytelling.  Through vivid examples, guided workshops, and sample stories recorded live, this course will help prepare you to tell in a variety of settings, from classrooms to boardrooms, stages and beyond.  Released 2013.

Workshops & Lectures

Performing Oral History

Get up on your feet, developing and rehearsing your family and community oral histories into storytelling performances.  Part-story development workshop, part-rehearsal practicum, this workshop will help you develop family and community stories into multi-dimensional storytelling works.  Topics may include: identifying and developing characters; building tension and flow in performance; using body and space; finding “hidden” stories; developing a through-line for pieces of stories; uncovering different kinds of questions to ask when interviewing others; using methods of transcription.  Harvey shares from her experience performing intergenerational stories of her grandfather and family.  Participants are encouraged to bring stories-in-progress, though this is not required.

Performance Ethnography

Create performances that make a difference for others and challenge your audience to think critically about our world.  Performance ethnography involves: 1) listening to and getting to understand individuals and communities, often those outside the storyteller’s own culture; 2) locating the pressing concerns and driving spirit within; and 3) developing performances that honor and highlight the living presence of the multiple perspectives found there.  This workshop, offered in single format or as a series of workshops, considers the ethical concerns that drive cross-cultural encounters, the methods of gathering stories while working with communities during fieldwork, and the creative process of organizing, preparing, and re-presenting these stories in live performance.  The workshop(s) features live examples from Harvey’s work with coal mining communities in southwest Virginia and considers the multi-dimensional possibilities of storytelling performance, integrating theatrical techniques with solo and group performances.  You will leave equipped with practical tools, theoretical lenses, and ethical training central to doing ethnographic fieldwork and developing dynamic ethnographic storytelling performances. Note: Performance Ethnography work involves a significant time investment with the populations and/or individuals whose stories you seek to represent.  This workshop is aimed at storytellers interested in long-term investment with a group or individual.  

Adapting Literature for Performance

Learn techniques for adapting and staging poetry and prose fiction for solo or group performance.  This hands-on workshop concentrates on performance techniques, with some discussion on the process of gaining permission to perform authors’ works for public audiences.  Harvey will provide live examples from original works featured in the U.S. and U.K.  Participants are encouraged to bring their own selections of poetry or prose, though this is not required.

Global Storytelling

For many storytellers, the performance is "just-the-start."  Many tellers envision that stories reach far beyond the stage, into communities that might be in our own backyard or thousands of miles away!  This workshop is designed to help you to discover how to use storytelling to build cross-cultural bridges.  Global Storytelling uses collaborative story-sharing and story-performance to enhance cross-cultural understanding.  It is unique in that it must have a community service program component.  The teller steps off the stage and into the community—with a project.  Global Storytelling has been called the basic skill of the 21st Century.  This workshop features examples from Harvey’s intercultural international work with young adults in Casablanca, Morocco.  You will leave energized with new ideas for how to use storytelling as a diplomatic tool in your hometown or across the globe, in small- and large-scale projects.

Teaching & Performance Experience

Hannah has performed in festivals in the southeastern U.S. and Scotland, and has taught university-level courses and adult workshops in the U.S., Scotland, Canada, and Morocco in Oral Traditions; Performing Culture; Performing Literature (Solo Adaptation); Adapting Literature for the Stage (Group Adaptation) and Performance Ethnography. As director of the KSU Tellers, she taught a Storytelling Practicum, in which she coached storytellers for public performance in Atlanta, GA.

Recordings & Merchandise

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